Haliñski MM-1-2-2003 USS Gambier Bay - American Aircraft Carrier Escort

USS Gambier Bay - American Aircraft Carrier Escort - Image 1
Skaala: 1:200
Tootja: Haliñski
Toote kood HAL-MM-1-2-2003
Saadavus: laos!
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Toote koodHAL-MM-1-2-2003
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Lisatud kataloogi:27.12.2006

Scale: 1:200

USS Gambier Bay (CVE-73) was an American escort aircraft carrier laid down in July 1943, launched in November of the same year, and commissioned with the US Navy in late December. The length of the ship - at the time of launching - was 156.1 m, overall width - 33 m, and displacement - about 7,800 tons. The maximum speed of the aircraft carrier reached 19 knots, and its main armament was up to 28 on-board planes.

USS Gambier Bay (CVE-73) was one of the Casablanca-class escort carriers. Units of this type were built for various types of convoy and shielding tasks, and not for independent operations in strike teams. Hence their relatively poor on-board equipment or the number of on-board planes taken. However, they were built relatively quickly and in considerable numbers. In total, as many as 50 ships of this type were built! USS Gambier Bay (CVE-73) began its participation in World War II in the Pacific Fleet, with the transport of several hundred troops from the US west coast to the base at Pearl Harbor in early 1944. In June of the same year, he supported the US Marines landing in Saipan. However, in July and August, its on-board aircraft supported operations on the islands of Tinian and Guam. The USS Gambier Bay was sunk on October 25, 1944 in the course of the gigantic sea battle at Leyte Bay.

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Lisatud kataloogi: 27.12.2006
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