Dragon 7209 Sd.Kfz 181 Panzerkampfwagen VI (P)

Sd.Kfz 181 Panzerkampfwagen VI (P) - Image 1
Skaala: 1:72
Tootja: Dragon
Toote kood dra7209
Saadavus: 2-6 nädalat
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Toote kooddra7209
Kaal:0.28 kg
Lisatud kataloogi:30.10.2004

PzKpfw VI Tiger (P)[inne nazwy: VK4501(P) albo Porsche Typ 101 albo w skrócie – Tiger (P)] was a German prototype heavy tank from the Second World War. The prototype of the car was built in 1942, but never entered mass production. The car was 9.54 meters long and 3.4 meters wide. The tank was powered by two Porsche Type 101 TRM engines, 310-320 HP each. It was armed with 1 88mm KwK 36 L / 56 gun and 2 7.92mm MG 34 machine guns. .

The Tiger (P) was developed for the needs of the German ground forces as a new heavy tank capable of fighting the Soviet T-34 at long distances. Its main advantage on the battlefield was to be powerful firepower and very strong armor. The presented car was a specific development of the VK3001 (P) project, and compared to it, it had, among other things, clearly thickened frontal armor. In the course of field tests, the Tiger (P) turned out to be a highly underdeveloped structure, highly fail-safe and characterized by low mobility in the field. One of the main problems was the use of a double power unit, which tended to overheat and seize. Finally, Tiger (P) did not enter mass production and lost the competition with the car produced by the Henschel plant. It is worth noting that the manufactured chassis for the Tiger (P) were used for the production of Ferdinand (Sd.Kfz. 184) tank destroyers.

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Lisage tagasiside: Sd.Kfz 181 Panzerkampfwagen VI (P)
Lisatud kataloogi: 30.10.2004
Saadavus: 2-6 nädalat
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