Quest 009 Polish electric locomotive from 1937 EL-200

Polish electric locomotive from 1937 EL-200 - Image 1
Skaala: 1:45
Tootja: Quest
Toote kood QUE009
Saadavus: laos!
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Toote koodQUE009
Kaal:0.12 kg
Lisatud kataloogi:27.12.2006

Scale : 1:45
Author: Grzegorz Molenda
Number of sheets: 8,5
Difficult level: 3/3

HCP EL.200 is a very short series of electric locomotives, which were manufactured in 1937 in the Hipolit Cegielski in Poznañ (abbreviated: HCP). The length of the locomotive with buffers is 13.56 meters and 2.87 meters wide. The service weight was 62.3 tons. The axes of the locomotive were constructed in the Bo'Bo 'system. In total, only four locomotives of this type were built. The HCP EL.200 locomotives were commissioned by the then Ministry of Transport to operate the railway junction in Warsaw, especially taking into account the use and work in the cross-city tunnel in this city. From the beginning, they were planned as shunting locomotives, with a lower rated power than the EL.100, which were built at the same time. During World War II, three locomotives of this series were destroyed in September 1939. The fourth one worked until 1944 and survived the Warsaw Uprising. It was scrapped only in 1958.

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Lisage tagasiside: Polish electric locomotive from 1937 EL-200
Lisatud kataloogi: 27.12.2006
Saadavus: laos!
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