Skaala: 1:100
Tootja: Gomix
Toote kood GOM-MK-FLM-143
Saadavus: laos!
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Toote koodGOM-MK-FLM-143
Kaal:0.63 kg
Lisatud kataloogi:27.12.2006

Scale: 1:100
Lenght: 114,5 cm
Width: 14,0 cm

The STS Kruzensztern (another name: Padua) was the initial German and later Soviet and Russian sailing vessel of the 20th century. The unit was launched in 1926 and is still used by the Russian fleet to this day. The ship has a displacement of 4,700 tons, its total length is 114.4 meters and a width of 14 meters. The unit does not have any on-board armament. STS Kruzensztern, originally called Padua and was built at the German shipyard JC Tecklenborg in Wesermünde, as the so-called windjammer. Units of this type were built as the so-called windbreakers - large, commercial sailing ships with a length of more than 100 meters, the construction of which used the latest technological achievements of the beginning of the 20th century. They were most often used on strictly defined shipping routes. Padua was sailing - from her entry into service until the beginning of World War II - on the Europe-Chile line, transporting nitrate from that country. The unit luckily survived the war and in 1946 it was transferred to the USSR as war compensation. At that time, it also changed its name to STS Kruzensztern. At present, this magnificent sailing ship is used as a training unit.

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Lisatud kataloogi: 27.12.2006
Saadavus: laos!
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