B-24 D LIBERATOR - Image 1
Skaala: 1:33
Tootja: Gomix
Toote kood GOM-MK-FLM-021
Saadavus: otsas
Viimati saadaval: 1.4.2016
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Toote koodGOM-MK-FLM-021
Kaal:0.37 kg
Lisatud kataloogi:27.12.2006

Scale: 1:33
Lenght: 61,2 cm
width 101,5 cm
hight 16,5cm.
The Consolidated B-24 Liberator is an American strategic bomber and heavy transport and patrol aircraft from the Second World War. The B-24 was a full metal high-wing high-wing aircraft with four Pratt-Whitney R1830-65 engines, each 1,200 HP, placed in the nacelles on the wings. It was characterized by a very large wingspan, which for the first time in a mass-produced machine used the so-called Davis' lobe. Davis's lobe was an elongated wing, tapering at the end of its outline, and a small chord. Such a construction of the wings primarily allowed them to be used as fuel tanks as well as provided excellent flight properties. The first flight of the prototype took place on December 29, 1939, and serial production for the USAAF started in early 1942. During the war, a dozen or so types of B-24 bombers were created, of which the D, G and J models were the most widely produced. The B-24 was used both in Europe and on the Pacific Ocean. He took part in all major air and ground operations of the Allied forces (including the bombing of Ploiesti, the bombing offensive over Germany, and the Normandy landings). Polish airmen also fought on it from September 1943. During the war, over 18,000 units of this bomber were built. Technical data: Maximum speed: 467 km / h, operating ceiling 8534 m, radius of action with bomb load: 3450 km, armament: fixed - 10 Browning machine guns cal. 12.7 mm, suspended - up to 7200 kg of bombs.
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Lisatud kataloogi: 27.12.2006
Saadavus: otsas
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